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Teen Patti Live has an amazing affiliate program for influencers and other who are willing to promote the TeenPattiLive app. The opportunity that you are getting is immense. Because not many apps are willing to share such a huge portion of their income with you. Most rummy apps will give you measly bonus for inviting users but Teen Patti Live app is not like them. It is the best app for influencers who want to make money by referring friends and other general users who are looking for the best Rummy and Teen Patti experience.

You might be thinking why is Teen Patti Live Refer and Earn system the best? So let me answer those questions.

Teen Patti Live agent program can help you lakhs every month. But your income will only depend on your performance. Your performance is measured by the total number of users you invite and their recharge and gameplay data.

Why Become Teen Patti Live Agent?

Becoming an affiliate of Teen Patti Live can be one of the best financial decisions you ever make. This will help you earn money from your invited users as long as they play games and join contests on the app. You can earn unlimited commission from your friends. And unlike other similar apps Teen Patti Live not only gives you a commission on your friends’ recharges but also on their gameplay.

How to Join Teen Patti Live Affiliate Program?

Joining the Teen Patti Live program is easy and it does not have any criteria as well. That means anyone can become an agent of Teen Patti Live and you don’t have to wait for any kind of approval.

Every user of the app is eligible to become an agent and earn money.

To join the affiliate program you can simply click on the Refer & Earn option on the home page of the app where all the games are displayed. This will generate your unique referral link that you can use to invite users to 3 Patti Live app.

How to Earn Money By Inviting Users to Teen Patti Live?

There is not anything difficult that you need to do.

The only task that you have to do now is refer users aka invite them via your referral link. The more friends and users you refer to Teen Patti Live the more money you earn as commission. This is the best referral program because the TeenPatti Live app does not place any limit on your commissions.

To earn money you can share your referral link with your social media followers. There is no restrictions on how you promote the app. It is all up to you, So you can promote online or offline it is your choice.

The only thing that you should try to achieve is that the users you invite actually play games on the platform. Because the more games the play the more commission you can earn.

How Much Money Can I Earn?

There is no limit to how much money you will be able to earn as an agent of the app. The more active friends you have the more your income will be.

Your income is directly dependent on your friends recharges and game play.

So if the users you invite don’t know how to play the games then you can teach them and help them add money and play any game that they want.

Teen Patti Live Affiliate FAQs

How much can I earn every month?

You can earn up to a few lakhs every month! The actual commission will be confirmed once you sign up and your account gets approved.

Do I get rewarded for each user that I invite?

Yes, you will get ₹5 for every user that registers through your referral link no recharge or gameplay conditions.

How can I withdraw my affiliate income?

You can withdraw your affiliate earnings to your bank account via IMPS.

What is the withdrawal criteria in Teen Patti Live App?

There is only one withdrawal criteria and that is that you can only withdraw the amount that is available to be selected. The minimum withdrawal amount Is ₹100 and maximum withdrawal amount is ₹10000.

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