Teen Patti Live Rummy Game

One of the most played games in the Teen Patti Live app is the Rummy Game. Even in Indian Rummy is the most played card game that Indians love to play on many occasions. Playing the rummy game in Teen Patti Live apk is easy and anybody who know how to play this card game do it easily.

You can easily earn money by beating your opponents in this game of skill. The game is pretty easy to start but it requires some brain power to bet your opponent.

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But the best thing is that Teen Patti Live has practice contests as well. So if you have been feeling a little rusty in your skills than you can practice before you join the real cash contests.

Teen Patti Live Rummy Games Types

In Teen Patti Live app you can only play one type of rummy game. This type is also the most commonly played rummy variant which is called- Point Rummy. So you can play point rummy on the app and earn money.

How to Join Teen Patti Live Cash Rummy Contest?

To join cash rummy contest first you need to download / update the rummy game. To do that simply tap on the game icon and it will be updated.

  1. Now tap the game again to bring a screen from where you can select whether you want to join cash contest or practice contest.
  2. In the cash contest tab, you will be able to select the point value for which you can play.
  3. Click on Play Now to join the contest.

The Teen Patti Live rummy cash contests can also be filtered via Low, Mid and High presets. These filters will help you find the right rummy table to join much faster.

How to Play Teen Patti Live Rummy?


The objective of the Teen Patti Live Rummy is to arrange all 13 cards into valid Sequences and/or Sets and to be the first to call a Show.


To win the game the player must call for a show with the following.


3 or more cards of the same suit in order is called a sequence.


Total value of cards that are not a part of a valid set or sequence.

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